Respect for Nature and Wildlife

As a passionate wildlife and nature photographer, I am deeply committed to the ethical practice of photography. My utmost priority is to respect and preserve the natural world that I am privileged to capture through my lens.

I maintain a safe and respectful distance from all wildlife, using long lenses to capture close-up shots without causing undue stress or disruption to their natural behaviors and habitats. I do not engage in baiting and do not use artificial light in the field. I strive to be quiet and move slowly to blend in with the environment, and I will disengage if an animal appears anxious.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

I adhere to the principle of “leave no trace,” ensuring that my presence doesn’t disturb the environment or the wildlife I photograph. I stay on designated trails and paths, park in appropriate locations and don’t disturb natural features. I make an effort to learn and adhere to the regulations and restrictions of each location and in their absence, try to use good judgement.

Promoting Conservation

My photography is more than just capturing the beauty of nature; it’s about raising awareness and promoting the conservation of these ecosystems and animals. I actively support conservation efforts and encourage my audience to join me in these endeavors.

My work shows animals honestly in their natural environments without manipulation of that environment to get a better shot. Nature comes first – photography second.

Authenticity in Imagery

I believe in the power of authentic imagery. My photographs are a faithful representation of what I saw without misleading alterations or staging in the field. Any post-processing adjustments are made to enhance the natural beauty of the animal or place.

If a photo is of a captive animal, I share information about the circumstances. And when posting to my website or social media I am honest about the post-processing and editing practices I’ve used. I don’t share sensitive location data for at-risk species or ecosystems.

Educational Value

Through my photography, I aim to educate and inspire. I provide (with discretion) information about the species and landscapes featured in my images, desiring to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the natural world.

Community Engagement

I am committed to engaging with the photography and conservation communities in a positive and constructive manner. I believe in sharing knowledge, collaborating, and supporting fellow photographers in their own ethical practices.

Continuous Learning

Photography is an ongoing learning process. I stay informed about best practices and continually refine my approach to ensure that my work is in harmony with the ethical standards I adhere to.

I research specific animals I’m photographing, and the locations I visit, to better understand the situation I’ll be entering. I am continually learning to improve my fieldcraft so as to cause less disturbance to my subjects. I visit the local natural areas frequently and typically learn something new about each place on every visit.